FLOYD MAYWEATHER’S footwork is pure quality [he positions himself to launch an attack in the picture above] and was on full display in the masterclass he delivered against top Mexican Saul Alvarez. He is at his best in the way he tracks across the expanse of the ring as opponents find him frustratingly difficult to pin down.

Notice Manny Pacquiao’s boulder-like calf muscles. These are the roots of his explosive power. He does dart in and out extremely effectively, landing his shots, evading a counter before getting back in to maintain the pressure of his assault. Those phases of attack are another major threat to Mayweather.

Most boxers stand with their left foot forward, lead with left fist and use their right hand as their power punch. Pacquiao is the opposite way round. As a southpaw he leads with right hand and throws the heavier cross with his left. Southpaws are often awkward and difficult for orthodox boxers to deal with. But Mayweather is experienced against unorthodox southpaws. He has boxed eight in his career and of course beaten them all.