FAME often comes with a price and Manny Pacquiao’s marriage almost collapses in late 2011. As well as carving out a career in politics, finding time to play basketball [above], and releasing records, Pacquiao also owns bars and pool halls. Stories of infidelities get louder and louder until his wife Jinkee reaches her limit and tells Manny she’s leaving. Hours before he fights Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time (winning a highly controversial decision over 12), he is begging her to come and watch him fight.

While promising to change his ways, Pacquiao dedicates himself to religion and the Christian faith. Freddie Roach – Pacquiao’s trainer – voices his concern about the latest direction his fighter is heading.

“He doesn’t have that killer instinct anymore. He feels he doesn’t have to hurt people, he just has to beat them. But that’s the way it goes.”

Certainly, things are about to change.