FLOYD MAYWEATHER JNR was born on February 24, 1977 into the murky underbelly of the sport he now presides over.

His uncles Jeff and Roger Mayweather (the latter would later become world champion) were boxers while his father, Floyd Snr, was a capable fighter operating on the fringes of world class, and the law.

There is an infamous story about the roots of the Father and Son relationship that illustrates the troubled upbringing Mayweather endured.

Young Mayweather was exposed to drugs and violence from a very early age; his mother’s brother shot his father who was cradling Floyd Jnr at the time. Floyd Snr disputes some of his son’s tales about a difficult childhood but the child’s love of boxing cannot be doubted. By the age of six he had already decided that he wanted to be a boxer.

Amateur Floyd – nicknamed ‘Pretty Boy’ because of his fresh complexion and defensive prowess – claimed national Golden Gloves titles in 1993, 1994, and 1996 before entering the Atlanta Olympics as a featherweight. Many observers felt he deserved the decision over Bulgaria’s Sefarim Todorov in his semi-final clash, but Mayweather – amid furious protests from the USA camp – had to be content with a bronze medal.